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I’m Joseph Glatter, I’m a lawyer, proud veteran and I founded Skilion Consulting in 2019 after working in various legal and commercial roles for some of Australia’s biggest companies including BHP, Santos and Clipsal as well as heading up multi-million dollar acquisitions/projects for Federal and State Government Departments.

I went out on my own because I realised that when I went to 10 meetings in a day, it was my job title that was needed at the table, not me, my personality, expertise or passion so I made the leap and now I genuinely love the work I do.

I understand that projects, contracts and complex procurement can be tough to navigate but with over 20 years’ experience, I’ve kicked some goals … and taken some hits. I know how to ‘talk the talk’, work with the ‘system’ and provide solutions that make sense for senior management, industry as well as the folks that need to deliver on the ground.

I’m happy to mentor people that want to learn and help organisations work towards best practice procurement and contracting.

Give me a call today or send an email and let’s have a chat.